Pauline Volunteer


19 Jul 2017
Pauline has been a Lifeline WA Crisis Support volunteer for 18 months and is motivated by the alarming statistics of depression and suicide in the community, especially in young people.

Pauline loves the supportive team in the phone room and the satisfaction of knowing that she has helped a caller in their time of crisis.

She believes one of the main challenges of the role is taking calls from people in crisis who face homelessness and mental health issues, and who have no family support. Being able to listen closely and empathise are the key skills taught by Lifeline WA during training which enables volunteers to offer callers some relief.

Her advice to help seekers who may feel nervous about calling?

“Every one of us needs a leg-up sometime in our lives. We all have our own healing power to tap into but, on occasion, need reminding how to access it.”

Lifeline WA has more than 110 valuable volunteers who answer the phone to people in crisis – anywhere in the State, every hour of the day, every day of the year. If you are interested in volunteering please or visit


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